DEADBEATS U.S.A. is a small business LLC that was founded in 2021 with the aim of assisting small businesses in the United States in achieving more pleasant, productive, and profitable business days while at the same time reducing losses. We understand the challenges faced by business owners when dealing with problematic customers and our mission is to help small businesses find the tools and information that will enable them to peacefully and profitably conduct business with anyone, from the best customer to the worst. Our journey began when a small business owner, tired of being surprised by and having to deal with difficult customers from a position of disadvantage, surveyed other small business owners in the area to understand their experiences. The conclusions drawn from the survey were significant:

  • 97% of customers are a pleasure to serve, while 3% consistently pose challenges and disrupt business operations.
  • Dealing with difficult customers is costly as it diverts resources from productive work to resolving issues.
  • Problem customers leave a lasting negative impact on businesses and are more memorable than satisfied customers.
  • Lack of efficient communication between businesses prevents timely warnings about problematic customers.
  • Businesses in the same area often face the same problematic customers, with the size of the community influencing the size of the “pool” of difficult customers.

Based on these findings, DEADBEATS U. S.A. was formed with the belief that the dilemma of problem customers can be addressed effectively by uniting small businesses and enabling them to easily support each other. We invite all small business owners to join us through affordable memberships. By coming together, we create a collective strength that fosters mutual support and knowledge exchange.

Our approach involves building a comprehensive database as a safety net. Each member business designates a “Data Entry Person” responsible for posting ratings, reviews, recommendations and payment histories from their documented records related to each of their challenging customers. The data is entered into our user-friendly electronic data entry forms and submitted to the DEADBEATS U.S.A. database. This shared information becomes easily accessible to all members, allowing them to proactively make informed decisions when considering potential customers.

Before engaging with a new customer, authorized personnel in a members’ business can log in to DEADBEATS U.S.A. and search that potential customer’s name and address. This search enables them to identify if that potential customer has been problematic for any other member businesses in the past and if so how. Armed with this information up front, the member can then adapt his / her business procedures to acquire and maintain control of the business relationship from start to finish thus better insuring peaceful success while minimizing losses of time and money too often associated with working with problem customers.

At DEADBEATS U.S.A., we emphasize that our intent is not to assign blame or encourage mistreatment of customers. Instead, we strive to empower small businesses to proactively tailor their transactions to meet the needs of problem customers while ensuring efficiency and profitability. We uphold the values of forgiveness, help, and professionalism in all our endeavors.

Please note that DEADBEATS U.S.A. is a private “members-only” database accessible solely to small business members and their authorized employees. Access by the general public is strictly prohibited.

We enforce strict guidelines to prevent misuse of the information found in our database, emphasizing that it should only be used for professional business purposes and not to defame, slander, or libel anyone.

In summary, DEADBEATS U.S.A. provides small businesses with tools necessary for a better, less stressful work environment thus maximizing business time, production, and profitability. By leveraging our platform, members can identify problem customers in advance, adapt their business approach and successfully manage their business interactions to a positive outcome for all. Our ultimate goal is two-fold: Enable members to experience the rewarding feeling of not allowing manipulative, costly deadbeat customers to disrupt their business operations…. and help to promote peace, success and prosperity for all through responsible use of knowledge and information.